We are pleased to announce that starting May 1, 2016, Medical Mutual of Ohio (MMO) is offering telemedicine services through the Cleveland Clinic at no additional cost to groups or members other than the cost of the claim. This new coverage includes Express Care Online. Other telemedicine services may be added at a later date as more are authorized by MMO.

Express Care Online is a service members can use to get care from a licensed healthcare provider via their smart phone, tablet or computer. These virtual visits are for simple conditions, such as sinus infections, cold symptoms, rashes, ear aches and stomach pain. Sessions last about 10 minutes.

Virtual visits will be paid by members and will be paid according to the current benefit plan as an office visit. Members on a CDHP plan will have the full cost of the virtual visit applied to their deductible. Members will often pay less for virtual visits than traditional office visits.

Please note: Telemedicine services through Express Care Online will not be made available to HMO product plans.

All 100+ self-funded and fully insured groups have the ability to opt out of telemedicine services. Per MMO, they have notified these groups that they had until March 1, 2016, to tell them if they would like to opt out. If groups opted out by March 1, they will not receive the benefit. After March 1, if these groups do not want the benefit it will be done through the same process as a plan change.  If you have not received notification and fall into this category, please contact your Stellar representative for further assistance.

We are aware that the Cleveland Clinic has begun communicating about Express Care Online to its customers. Unless your group notifies MMO otherwise, this will be a covered service beginning May 1. Please note, anyone using this service before May 1, 2016, will have to pay for the virtual visit as an excluded benefit and it will not count towards their Maximum Out-of-Pocket.

MMO will notify all groups and members of the benefit features and details of these enhanced services in the coming weeks.

Again, please contact your Stellar representative if you have further questions regarding this announcement.