January is resolution month, a new start for a new year… Eat healthy, lose weight, feel better.  Exercise is a great way to combat stress, lose weight and boost energy. To get the most from workouts, one should add warming up, cooling down and stretching to their routine.

These three simple steps are proven to help prevent painful and costly injuries.

  1. Warm Up:  Warming up allows your body time to adjust from rest to activity. Always remember to gradually increase the intensity of your warmup to reduce stress on your bones, muscles and heart.
  2. Cool Down:  As with warming up, cooling down should include movements similar to those in your workout, but at a gradually decreasing level of intensity.
  3. Stretch:  After cooling down, stretching helps to build flexibility and range of motion. When stretching, follow the guidelines below:
  • Use gentle and fluid movements and breathe normally.
  • Never force a joint beyond its normal range of motion; you should not feel any pain.

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